Two suspects charged in the murder of Ripudaman Singh Malik

Two suspects charged with the murder of Ripudaman Singh Malik

Ripudaman Singh Malik walks out of British Columbia Supreme Court, March 16, 2005 after being found not guilty in the Air India flight explosion.

Two people have been arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Ripudaman Singh Malik, acquitted in 2005 of connection to the 1985 Air India flight bombing, Canada's deadliest terrorist attack. /p>

The suspects are 21-year-old Tanner Fox and 23-year-old Jose Lopez, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IIET) says.

The authorities must take stock on Wednesday afternoon.

Ripudaman Singh Malik leaves the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 2005 after being acquitted of charges related to the bombing of the Air India flight in 1985.

Ripudaman Singh Malik was shot and killed on July 14 in Surrey, Metro Vancouver. The police quickly assumed that it was a targeted attack.

However, the motive for the assassination did not still not revealed and the police have urged the public to refrain from speculation.

Controversial figure, Ripudaman Singh Malik was acquitted in March 2005 of; charges brought against him in connection with the Air India flight bombing and the Tokyo Narita Airport bombing, which killed two baggage handlers. The court ruled that the evidence against him was insufficient.

Details to come

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