Ukraine admitted that it dealt a blow to the “administration” of the occupiers in Kherson

Ukraine admitted that it had struck a blow at the


  • Ukraine admitted that it had dealt a blow to the “administration” of the occupiers in Kherson

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak confirmed that that yesterday's explosion in occupied Kherson — the work of Ukrainian fighters. He announced this on the air of the Khodorkovsky.Live program.

“There are no terrorist attacks, no criminal violations. They are being worked out by sabotage groups, as we see in Berdyansk,” Podolyak explained.

He emphasized that this is a public demonstration of Ukraine’s desire to liberate its territories. Podolyak also commented on yesterday's statement by Deputy Head of the Occupation Administration of the Kherson Region Kirill Stremousov about the strike on his office by five HIMARS shells.

“I was also surprised that five ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads did not fly into this office at the same time ”, Podolyak joked.

He also advised not to pay attention to “such newsmakers.”

  • On September 16, explosions were heard in the center of Kherson. RosSMI wrote about falling into the occupation “administration”.

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