Ukraine and Russia again exchanged prisoners, 5 people returned home

Ukraine and the Russian Federation again exchanged prisoners, 5 people returned home

Ukraine and Russia held another exchange of prisoners, in which 5 people returned to their homeland. All of them are civilians and were held captive by the Russians. This was reported by the press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

– Today, the Coordinating Headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war held another exchange according to the formula 5 for 5. Five citizens of Ukraine returned home. All those released are civilians illegally held by the occupying forces, the message says.

According to the agency, four civilians were captured by the Russian military during the fighting in the Kyiv region. Three of them – during the occupation of Gostomel. We also managed to return the body of one deceased defender of Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia held the last exchange of prisoners on June 10 according to the “4 to 5” formula. Then 5 Ukrainians returned home, among them – the rural head of the Nikolaev region Oleg Pilipenko. Prior to this, the parties exchanged the bodies of the dead, including the fallen defenders of Azovstal.

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