Ukraine asks the US and Italy to provide Avenger and SAMP-T air defense systems

Ukraine asks US and Italy to provide Avenger and SAMP-T air defense systems

Ukraine sent the United States a request for the supply of American Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems to combat Iranian kamikaze drones. This is reported by Foreign Policy, citing three congressional aides and two Ukrainian officials.

During October, Ukrainian officials were reportedly pushing for advanced dual-use munitions, a type of cluster munition designed to burst into many smaller ones to hit mobile targets. However, the United States still has a ban on their export.

At the same time, Ukraine insists on the supply of Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems. The publication notes that the limited availability of such systems may prevent the Biden administration from sending the Avenger, although the United States does have several variants of the M163 Vulcan air defense system in stock.

Avenger is a short-range self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system located on HMMWV chassis. Designed to destroy air targets at an altitude of 0.5 to 38 km and at a distance of 0.5 to 55 km.

In turn, President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, said that the Ukrainian government had submitted a request to Italy to receive SAMP-T air defense systems.

«Very few countries produce air defense – not only have, but also produce. Italy, together with France and Germany, produces the SAMP-T complex. And we need them», — he said.

The SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile system is manufactured by the French-Italian company Eurosam. Its key components are the Aster 30 missile and the functional Arabel radar. Target detection range is up to 80 km. The air defense system has a minimum reaction time and a high rate of fire (eight missiles can be launched in 10 seconds).

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