Ukraine began to receive automated intelligence systems SurveilSPIRE

German company Rheinmetall by order edit began to supply Ukraine with SurveilSPIRE automated reconnaissance systems. This is stated in a statement on the company's website.

It is noted that the systems are designed to monitor large areas of terrain with a minimum number of personnel. Rheinmetall is collaborating with the Estonian company DefSecIntel on this project.

These reconnaissance systems consist of mobile observation towers with cameras capable of working day and night, autopiloted minidrones and a control system. Vehicles are also included in the package.

«The cost of the order is measured in the double-digit sum of millions of euros. Deliveries have already begun», — said in a statement.

Manufactured by Estonian company DefSecIntel, the SurveilSPIRE observation towers can be loaded onto trailers and quickly delivered to the place of operation. Installation requires three people, the work is fully automated.

The system includes wireless communication channels (4G and Starlink) to transmit video to a mobile command post. Solar panels provide continuous operation without power cables or fuel source. The system relies on autopiloted reconnaissance drones to patrol and fly as intended. This allows inspection of detected threats and allows the operator to initiate the necessary countermeasures.

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