Ukraine finally refused to host Eurovision 2023 – even on the border with the EU

Ukraine was finally refused to host Eurovision 2023” - even on the border with the EU

The European Broadcasting Union finally refused Ukraine to host Eurovision 2023 “. A new EBU statement says that the war could last for years, and preparations need to start now. The Union did not like the idea of ​​holding the contest on the border with Europe due to the lack of infrastructure.

– The EBU fully understands the disappointment caused by the announcement that the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2023 cannot be held in Ukraine, this year's winner country.

Security concerns aside, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine makes delegations and participants reluctant to travel to the country. We also noted comments by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that the war in Ukraine “could last for years.”

With regard to the possibility of holding the Competition in a border area close to a neighboring country, the technical characteristics of the proposed venues and the lack of the necessary surrounding infrastructure do not meet the Eurovision requirements, – says the EBU website.

The EBU noted that at least 10,000 people will be accredited to Eurovision, and another 30,000 fans from all over the world will come to the event.

– Their well-being is our main concern. Therefore, it is imperative that decisions made regarding such a complex live television event are made by broadcast professionals and do not become politicized, the broadcasting union said.

The EBU said it had sought the advice of an outside security expert. He rated the risk of a mass casualty event as “high”. The EBU also took note that there will be no major international concert tours in Ukraine during 2023.

– Taking all this into account, the EBU regretfully decided to move the event to another country and will continue to discuss the issue of finding a suitable venue for the Eurovision Song Contest next year, the EBU concluded.

On June 17, the European Broadcasting Union announced for the first time that the Eurovision Governing Board had come to the conclusion that there are no security guarantees in Ukraine for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 year. The EBU has begun negotiations with the UK, which took second place.

The transfer was opposed by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko, the first Ukrainian winner of Eurovision singer Ruslana, the winners of 2022, the Kalush group and the Ukrainian commentator of the competition, host Timur Miroshnichenko. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that Ukraine deserved to host Eurovision.

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