Ukraine may receive improved MiG-29 fighters

MiG-29 Polish Air Force

Ukraine can get MiG-29 fighters modified and adapted to NATO standards from partners. This is reported by Defense Express.

It is reported that 15 Polish MiG-29 aircraft (10 of which were received by Warsaw from the USSR and five from the Czech Republic) during 2011-2014 underwent modernization at the facilities of Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze No. 2, with which Israel assisted.

«These aircraft received, in particular, an improved positioning system, an on-board computer for preoperative and postoperative planning, while the most noticeable change in the cockpit equipment was installation of a HUD-display and a multifunctional indicator 5×4», – the material notes.

At the same time, the other 13 MiG-29s of Poland are «hodgepodge&#187 ; from «boards» received in the 1990s from the Czech Republic and Germany, and did not undergo significant modernization. Their on-board equipment was adapted to NATO standards by «rescaling indicators in radio navigation equipment and communication systems».

Currently, it is not known which version of the aircraft Ukraine will receive.

  • Polish President Duda said that Poland will transfer the first 4 MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine in the coming days.
  • Slovakia will transfer 13 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

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