Ukraine returned the bodies of the fallen soldiers, in particular from Olenivka

Ukraine returned the bodies of fallen soldiers, in particular — from Olenivka

On October 11, the bodies of dead servicemen were handed over to Ukraine. This was reported by the Ministry of Reintegration.

The bodies of 62 fallen soldiers were returned to Ukraine, in particular, fighters from Olenivka, where the Russian invaders set up a concentration camp for Ukrainian prisoners.

As noted, the negotiations were very difficult, they were conducted by the team of Oleg Kotenko, Commissioner for Missing Persons.

«We returned those who were in the very hell and defended Ukraine. Blessed memory to the heroes!» – said Kotenko.

  • On July 29, the “DPR” announced the death of 53 Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka, where the “Azov” were transferred.
  • At the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in on the same day, they announced that the Russian Federation had hit the colony in Olenivka in order to hide the traces of torture and murder of Ukrainian prisoners.

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