Ukraine will create a public map of actions for joining the EU

Ukraine will create a public map of actions to join the EU

Despite the war in Ukraine, our state will do everything that brings it closer to full membership in the European Union. To do this, a map will be created regarding actions related to integration into the block. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky in his address to the Ukrainians.

– This is the task of our state now not to lose a single week in relations with the European Union. We will constantly, despite this war, despite all the difficulties, do what brings us closer to full membership in the European Union. The state will have an appropriate document – a clear map of actions that any citizen and any citizen of Ukraine can check: what state institutions need to do so that we can complete part of the work on the way to the European Union, the president said.

According to him , this document will be presented on July 1. Now every citizen of Ukraine will be able to track the actions of the authorities regarding accession to the EU.

The European Union has granted Ukraine the status of an EU candidate. The decision was unanimously supported by all the leaders of the countries of the bloc during the summit in Brussels on June 23. Now our country has to fulfill seven requirements of the European Union, some of which have already been fulfilled. The opening of negotiations on Ukraine's EU membership is expected early next year.

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