Ukraine will receive a loan of 100 million US dollars from the World Bank

Ukraine will receive a $100 million loan from the World Bank

The World Bank will soon provide a $100 million loan to Ukraine to help internally displaced people . According to Interfax-Ukraine, this was announced by the WB Regional Director for Eastern European Affairs Arup Banerjee.

– The World Bank is currently focusing on providing emergency and immediate assistance, which, in turn, , can help the population, especially the most vulnerable groups. First, very soon we will allocate another $100 million to help internally displaced persons, Banerjee stressed.

According to him, the World Bank is also ready to provide assistance in the healthcare, infrastructure and energy sectors. Thus, the possibility of “collaboration with other bilateral development partners” interested in attracting PEACE (Public Expenditure Support for Sustainable Public Administration in Ukraine project – ed.) and financing other types of confirmed budgetary expenditures is being explored. Such partners could include Italy, Japan and the United States.

Banerjee stressed that specific articles have not yet been agreed upon, but “will certainly include additional payments to internally displaced persons and other vulnerable groups in Ukraine.”


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