Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated 5 settlements near Liman | A PHOTO

AFU liberated 5 settlements near Liman | PHOTOS

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated 5 settlements near Liman, Donetsk region – now stabilization measures are underway there. This was announced by the speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces, Sergei Cherevaty, on the air of the national news marathon on October 1.

«The Russian grouping in the Liman region is surrounded. Settlements of Yampol, Novoselovka, Shandrigolovo, Drobyshevo, rates are released. Stabilization measures continue there», — said Cherevaty.

According to him, about 5-5.5 thousand invaders were surrounded in the Liman region.

At the same time, Cherevaty noted that it was hard now to name the exact number of Russians who are in the «cauldron», since hostilities are constantly ongoing, which «reject» the manpower of the invaders. Also, some groups of Russians tried to break through, but thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, these attempts were «not very successful».

The speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces added that the invaders are surrendering, there are many dead and wounded among the Russians , but the Liman liberation operation has not yet been completed.

APU has been released 5 settlements near the Liman | PHOTO

  • About 5,000 occupiers ended up in the Liman cauldron.
  • The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense published an intercept of a conversation in which the occupier from the Liman “cauldron” said goodbye to his wife.

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