Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated two settlements in the Kherson region and a village in the Donetsk region

AFU liberated two settlements in Kherson region and a village in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Arkhangelsk and Myrolyubovka in the Kherson region, as well as Torsk in the Donetsk region. Ukrainian defenders cover fire on the invaders in Kremennaya.

In his video message, President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the soldiers of the 129th brigade of his native Krivoy Rog for the liberation of Arkhangelsk and Mirolyubovka.

In addition, the president noted the fighters of the 115th terrorist defense brigade, who defended the Zhytomyr region, the 117th brigade, defending the north-eastern direction in the Sumy region, the 127th terrorist defense brigade, who defend Kharkiv and liberated the territory of Kharkiv region, and the 110th, who are fighting in Zaporozhye direction.

The head of the Kherson OVA, Yaroslav Yanushevich, also reported on the successes in the Kherson region.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Cherevaty, on the air of the telethon, announced the liberation of the village of Torskoye near Liman, Donetsk region, located on the way to Kremennaya.

«Our units have already taken the village of Torskoye on the road to Kremennaya and are hitting enemy units with artillery fire, which are trying to gain a foothold in Kremennaya and build defenses», — he said.

According to Cherevaty, it is now very important for the invaders to keep Kremennaya, because, having liberated this settlement, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go to Svatovo, Rubizhne and will be able to de-occupy the Luhansk region further. In particular, to liberate Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, which were captured by the invaders in the summer with incredible attempts.

Commenting on the liberation of Liman, the representative of the Eastern group noted that some of the Russians who were there were physically destroyed, some were taken prisoner, and some were able to come out in certain columns or small groups. So far, some of them are trying to take up defense in Kremennaya.

Cherevaty added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are catching the remnants of the occupiers in the forests in the Liman area, and are also engaged in mine clearance.

  • Occupiers in some directions en masse surrender and flee.

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