Ukrainian defenders counterattacked near Bakhmut: a group of “Wagnerites” was destroyed | PHOTO

Ukrainian defenders counterattacked near Bakhmut: Wagner group destroyed | PHOTOS

Over the past day, the Defense Forces of Ukraine, including fighters from the State Border Service, repelled six enemy attacks and carried out one counterattack near Bakhmut. This was reported by the press service of the State Border Guard Service.

« And the UAV operators directed and corrected the fire on the attackers who tried to hide from the shelling. The losses of manpower of the occupiers are being specified», — the report says.

By evening, in the suburbs of Bakhmut, Ukrainian defenders stopped the advance of two dozen Wagnerites with small arms fire. The attackers entrenched themselves in the structures and expected fire support. Under the cover of darkness, the ground reconnaissance unit, one of the border units, in cooperation with the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, counterattacked the enemy, the State Border Guard Service reported.

Ukrainian defenders counterattacked near Bakhmut: a group of

Six invaders were killed in close combat, nine were wounded, the rest of the Russians fled.

  • Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukrainian troops are grinding the Russian occupiers in Bakhmut and reducing their offensive potential.

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