Ukrainian military received the SKY CTRL system to counter enemy drones | PHOTO | VIDEO

Ukrainian military received SKY CTRL system to counter enemy drones | PHOTO | VIDEO

The SKY CTRL anti-drone system is already working on one of the front lines. It can detect any objects within a 10 km radius, knock off course and jam enemy drones. This is reported by the Military.

Fundraising for the purchase of the system was announced by the DOU IT community and the Kolo charity foundation in June 2022, the system was delivered to the military at the end of September.

During this time, negotiations, purchase and certification of equipment continued.

«So far, this is the best thing that I and other units have seen and experienced. Fixes all three UAV classes, lands what can be landed without an active hit. Range — according to the specification and even better depends on the height of the UAV. «See» even fighting geese, but does not land», — said the military who received the system.

A company instructor worked with the military, who will use SKY CTRL.

In addition, the manufacturer will provide an automatic turntable, which has already been introduced after purchase. It can take 2-3 weeks to supply it.

SKY CTRL is a Polish anti-UAV system from Advanced Protection Systems.

Ukrainian military received SKY CTRL system to counter enemy drones | PHOTO | VIDEO

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The system contains a modular and configured radar sensor and 3D MIMO radar technology that improves performance. Tracking is based on the MHT (multi-hypothesis tracking) algorithm.

SKY CTRL also contains an acoustic sensor with direction finding capability and an RF sensor with whitelist capability.

The system uses an integrated and automated jamming system to neutralize drones, and also special software for monitoring, configuration and control.

The developers emphasize that there are stationary, portable and mobile options for SKY CTRL.


  • Instrumental range 7 – 50 km
  • Minimum detection range 1 m
  • Maximum detection range 2 – 10 km
  • Range accuracy 10 – 1 m
  • Range resolution 6-3m
  • Minimum target height 1m
  • Maximum target height 7-50km
  • Azimuth/elevation 90°-20 ° /60°-10°
  • X-Band Frequency
  • AESA/MIMO Technology
  • Output power (peak) 8 W – 24 W
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi detection

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