Ukrainian military went to learn how to work with SAMP/T systems

Ukrainian military went to learn how to work with SAMP/T systems

Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Nikolai Oleshchuk, sent a unit of anti-aircraft missile troops on a business trip to exercises with air defense/missile defense systems SAMP/T-Mamba. This was reported by the press service of the Air Force.

It is noted that the military went to training, but it is not specified where.

«Thanks to the governments of France and Italy for a decision was made to provide SAMP/T-Mamba air defense/missile defense systems to protect Ukraine from Russian missile terror and strengthen the state's air defense system. I immediately decided to send the required number of units of anti-aircraft missile troops to the exercises. And they're on their way», — Oleshchuk said.

He added that Ukrainian specialists are eagerly awaited at home, because in the spring they will return to Ukraine «not empty-handed, but with knowledge, skills and the SAMP complexes themselves /T-Mamba».

  • Italian Foreign Minister spoke about the deployment of SAMP/T air defense systems in Ukraine.

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