Ukrainian naval drone attacked an oil harbor in Novorossiysk | VIDEO

Ukrainian maritime drone attacked oil harbor in Novorossiysk | VIDEO

Russian and Western OSINT researchers have confirmed a Ukrainian drone strike on an oil harbor in Novorossiysk, the Agency writes. News.

“Confirmed. A Ukrainian naval drone has struck Novorossiysk, far from Odessa,” wrote independent military analyst H I Sutton on Saturday.

The denials that have appeared in Russian sources are “disinformation,” he said.< /p>

About The attack by a UAF maritime drone on the Sheskharis oil harbor in the port of Novorossiysk was also reported by pro-Russian telegram channels, in particular Rybar and Colonelcassad. And the telegram channel Mash posted a video of the explosion.

There are discrepancies in Russian sources about the date of the incident. According to Mash, the explosion in the harbor was recorded on the night of November 18th. “Rybar” writes that everything happened on the night of November 16-17.

The damage received was minor and did not affect the facility's performance, all Russian sources agree.

Company « Transneft denied information about the drone attack. In the meantime, Novorossiysk mayor's office began checking information about the UAF drone attack.

According to Naval News, this attack means that Ukrainian maritime drones can now reach the Russian Navy base in Novorossiysk, which until now was considered safe.

The attack could seriously affect the Black Sea Fleet. After the naval drones attacked Sevastopol on October 29, Russian ships practically stopped leaving the port, according to the publication.

Naval News also noted that some reports of the attack were later deleted.

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