Ukrainian partisans told how they helped to destroy the FSB officers in Kherson

Ukrainian partisans told how they helped destroy FSB officers in Kherson

< p>Participants of the Ukrainian underground in Kherson told about the operation, which resulted in the death of FSB officers in Kherson. This is reported by Reuters.

One of the partisans with the callsign «Dollar» told the agency that in the fall of 2022, the SBU asked him to check whether the FSB officers were really staying at the Ninel Hotel in the city center. The man began to drive past the hotel with his wife and partner with the call sign «Kasatka». Subsequently, the partisans made sure that the Russian special services were really in the specified hotel, after which the necessary coordinates were transferred to the SBU.

On the morning of October 5, a missile attack was carried out at the hotel. The deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, Sergei Khlan, then said that five FSB officers and two Russian soldiers were killed. Reuters writes about two dead FSB officers and five military men.

«Dollar» also said that he, along with two other members of the partisan cell with the call sign «Kolya» and «March» have been underground since March. Even then, they wanted to block the Antonovsky bridge with concrete blocks to block the way for Russian vehicles, but they did not do this, fearing that the Russian occupation troops had already entered the city.

After that, the Ukrainians launched an underground network, which they involved residents of the city, who also became informants. For example, an elderly woman counted Russian equipment while she was milking a cow, and then passed the information on to the partisans.

Two US officials told Reuters that it was precisely such operations by the Ukrainian underground that helped accelerate the retreat of the Russian army from Kherson.

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