Ukrainian soldiers killed 11 Russians during a counterattack near Bakhmut

Ukrainian soldiers killed 11 Russians during a counterattack near Bakhmut

Under Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukrainian defenders launched a counterattack, destroying 11 Russian invaders. This was reported by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

«In the Lugansk region, our mortars destroyed several dugouts of the Russian-occupation troops, along with enemy manpower. Most of all, up to 4 infantry groups of the enemy, the border artillery liquidated in the Bakhmut area & # 187;, & # 8212; the message says.

In the battle for Bakhmut, border guards constantly hold back attempts by enemy attack aircraft to break into this fortress city. At the same time, in order to dislodge the invaders from the suburban buildings, one has to go into close combat.

In one of the tactical episodes of the defense of the suburbs, the border guards with a “shot” from an anti-drone gun neutralized an enemy UAV that corrected the actions and fire of enemy forces. Using the «fog of war» our defenders carried out a positional counterattack. The small arms division of the Russian occupiers was thrown back by fire from small arms, automatic and anti-tank grenade launchers. Enemy losses – 11 dead and 6 wounded.

  • On February 7, National Guard soldiers shot down a Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter in the Bakhmut area.

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