Ukrainians named the show in honor of Boris Johnson: the project starts on the air of the Indigo TV channel

Ukrainians named the show in honor of Boris Johnson: the project starts on the air of the Indigo TV channel

On May 6, at 21:00, the Indigo TV channel will host the premiere of the political and satirical stand-up show JohnsonNews, named after the great friend of Ukraine. In the new project, the famous Ukrainian presenter Volodymyr Ostapchuk shares a fresh ironic look at the news.

Leading TV channel “Ukraine” Volodymyr Ostapchuk opens a separate front of struggle, in which laughter at the enemy will be a ruthless weapon. It has already become obvious that even in the most difficult times, Ukrainians not only do not lose their enthusiasm and positive attitude, but on the contrary, our humor and satire have become one of those features that strengthen us and help us resist the invaders.

“JohnsonNews”, as we ourselves joke, is news that even the Queen of Britain watches, – says the host and author of the new show, Vladimir Ostapchuk, and explains how the name of the project was born. – It's simple: the Prime Minister of Great Britain – he is Johnsonyuk, he is our great patriot. We came up with the format itself together with the channel “Ukraine” in bomb shelters, under sirens and terrible news from the war. But in these most terrible moments, we finally understood who we are, Ukrainians. That we are not just strong, we are titans, we protect the whole of Europe, and Kyiv, where we actually film the show, is the capital of freedom. And everyone was convinced that Ukraine is now the heart of the world. It is this mood and drive that we want to convey through the screens.”

On the air of the stand-up show, Vladimir Ostapchuk presents a satirical look at the actions of the occupiers and various collaborators, at the rashist lies about the war in Ukraine, ridicules the myths about the “Russian greatness” and those who fear or support them. Also, the author and presenter of JohnsonNews shows how the Ukrainians themselves, even in the hour of difficult trials, aptly joke on the enemy, introduces viewers to Ukrainian folk humor during the war.

“We want to show the whole world that we nation with the coolest sense of humor. Even under shelling, even when others break down and can't stand it, we will stand and will definitely win. Laughter and faith in Ukraine is the main weapon of our project!” – adds the presenter of the channel “Ukraine”.

The stand-up show “JonsoNews” goes to Youtube channel “Ukraine”. And now it will also be aired on the Indigo TV channel.

The Ukraina TV channel continues to work in the One News format and helps to keep the information front. Current news here:

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