Ukroboronprom told details about the new kamikaze drone for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukroboronprom told details about the new kamikaze drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

State Concern «Ukroboronprom» is developing a new unmanned aerial vehicle for the Ukrainian army. This was stated by the project manager of the organization Oleg Boldyrev on the air of the program & # 171; Time: Online & # 187; on «Channel 5«.

According to him, «Ukroboronprom» focused on creating not just «kamikaze», such as Shahed-136, but a multifunctional platform. The military will be able to quickly replace the modules in order to prepare the vehicle for various combat missions, and not just the destruction of targets.

According to the developers, the new UAV will be able to carry a payload of 70-75 kg. This weight can completely make up a warhead with explosives. In this case, the drone can be directed by GPS coordinates to deliver a powerful strike to the target. If necessary, the warhead can be reduced in order to install a video camera, a communications system and other electronics for reconnaissance and fire adjustment.

“This platform, we figured, would be able to fly somewhere around 1000 km. It depends on the fuel supply, on the selected engine,” Boldyrev said.

He explained that the flight range varies depending on the type of drone. For example, a reconnaissance drone can only work effectively as long as the signal reaches the control station. «Kamikaze» no feedback from the operator is needed, so it can fly until it runs out of fuel or until it is shot down.

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