Ulyanov, General of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation, was eliminated in the war against Ukraine

General Ulyanov of the Russian Airborne Forces was eliminated in the war against Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen liquidated retired Russian major-general Dmitry Ulyanov, who commanded a regiment of mobilized from Tatarstan. This was announced by Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, blogger Anatoly Shtefan.

According to him, earlier Ulyanov was the commander of the 98th Airborne Division. He volunteered for the war against Ukraine and commanded a regiment mobilized from Tatarstan.

Blogger Necro Mancer‏ on Twitter added that the general was born in 1978. left Anapa «to command the Tatar motorized riflemen». According to rumors, from February 4 to 5, he met & # 171; DRG & # 187; and «died».

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