United We can disfigure the Board for its “pandemic theater” and Moreno reproaches him for acting as “Government delegate” in Andalusia

United We can disfigure the Board for its “pandemic theater” and Moreno reproaches him for acting as “Government delegate” in Andalusia


The spokeswoman for the parliamentary group United We Can for Andalusia, Inmaculada Nieto, has reproached the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, this Thursday for the “bad” situation of public health and the “pandemic theater” that, in her opinion, is starring in his government, while the chief executive has reproached her for acting as a “government delegate in Andalusia” and has rejected her “lessons” on this matter.

It has been in the course of the control session to the Andalusian Government in the Plenary of Parliament, in which Inmaculada Nieto has reproached the Executive of PP-A for its “proceeding” similar to a “pandemic theater”, and its “vaudeville” in relation to the vaccination campaign.

The also leader of IU has defended the vaccination calendar announced by the Government of Spain based on the estimated arrival of doses and its forecast that “in July half of the population in Spain would be vaccinated”, as it has happened, and he has considered that “there is no reason whatsoever to justify the walks” that the Minister of the Presidency and spokesman for the Andalusian Government, Elías Bendodo (PP), is giving to demand that the central Executive ask the pharmaceutical companies and the EU to request more vaccines.

In addition, he has reproached Moreno for the “lack” of trackers in the community and of “health personnel”, and has criticized him for not saying that the investments in “sanitary brick” that the Board presumes are financed with funds provided to him. the central government, as stressed before demanding that the president “abandon the pandemic theater and put on the table the improvement of the conditions” of health care for Andalusians.

Moreno has replied, affecting Nieto that he “begins to slide” into “an increasingly” closed “defense” of the central coalition government of which United Podemos is part, something that was not “usual” in the bench at the confluence of IU and Podemos, where, as the president of the Board has continued, they had more maintained the “independence” of the Andalusian brand from the confederation.

After criticizing the spokesperson for United We Can for Andalusia that she dedicates “more minutes to defend the Government”, acting as her “delegate” in the autonomous community, than to other issues, Moreno has also reproached Inmaculada Nieto for speaking of “theater or vaudeville “, before what he has called to” respect the tens of thousands of “health workers and” millions of Andalusians who have received a vaccine “already before the Covid-19.


“There are many resources that have been put in place to achieve this vaccination,” emphasized the president, who has detailed that Andalusia has “10,000 health professionals to carry out tracking tasks, and we have them as they are needed.” He explained that “130 military trackers have been added,” there are two ‘call centers’ in the San Cecilio de Granada and Virgen Macarena hospitals in Seville, and Salud Responde “continues to carry out the task of continuous monitoring of close contacts” of Covid positives. .

Similarly, Moreno has defended that his government has made “unprecedented progress” in health personnel, increasing the number of workers to 120,000, “19% more than two and a half years ago,” as highlighted.

The president also highlighted that the Board has allocated “307 million in 2020 in works in health infrastructures”, and the budget for Primary Care has increased since 2018 “by 700 million euros more.”

After also highlighting that Andalusia is “the third autonomous community that does more diagnostic tests” of Covid, Moreno has opined that there will be “things to improve”, but “reasonable things are being done”, and after that he has highlighted the reinforcement of personnel with the Summer Plan of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), and that Andalusia is “one of the autonomous communities that has improved the most” in the situation of its waiting lists, “especially in surgical ones”, as he has commented referring to data from the Ministry of Health.

“Much remains to be done” because health “came from a very deteriorated situation”, and the Board is trying to “dignify it, improve it”, according to Moreno, who has pointed out the “bet” of his government for a public health “of quality”.


Inmaculada Nieto has replied to the president that “she is sliding down the slope of pride and condescension”, and that she does not dedicate to the Government of Spain “even the half that” Juanma Moreno “dedicates to her to confront” and without “counting reality “, as has abounded.

The spokeswoman for United Podemos has remarked that the Andalusian health system “is bad”, and “the population is not well served”, while it has made him ugly that the Board “continues to owe money” to the health personnel who have complained to Moreno to pay him, for concepts such as “part of the complement of 2019”.

He has also asked Moreno to “hire more medical and nursing staff, who are leaving” from Andalusia “because they are offered precarious contracts”, and to whom “they have defrauded”, and “those who are abused”, at the same time ugly that “Primary Care is closed”, and it is the “responsibility” of the President of the Board to “resolve the situation” that the health system is experiencing.

In his second shift, Moreno has insisted on reproaching Nieto for being “in a plan of delegate of the Government of Spain that is unprecedented”, and has criticized that he gives the Board “lessons every day” when, in Primary Care, the Government of PP and Cs has increased “the expense in 700 million”, when with the Executive of PSOE and IU “the public expense in primary services in health cut 185 million euros”.

Moreno has also defended that the Board is “trying to build loyalty in personnel, within which job boards are at zero, and there is fierce competition in the health system”, as well as “we are stabilizing more than 10,000 interns” and has a public employment offer of about 4,000 places in the SAS.

“Fewer lessons and let’s do more sensible, reasonable and less confrontational things,” the President of the Board concluded by asking the spokesperson for United We Can for Andalusia.

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