US general: Putin can no longer do anything to reverse the dynamics of the war

US General: Putin can no longer do anything to reverse the dynamics of the war

General of the US Armed Forces and former CIA director David Petraeus believes that Putin «can no longer do anything to reverse the positive momentum» for the Ukrainian troops. He said this during an online discussion of the Kyiv Security Forum, writes

Petreus noted that Ukraine now has a much greater military power than Russia has in Ukraine.

«This provided the Ukrainian army with the opportunity to liberate most of the territory of the Kharkiv region, advance somewhat in the Luhansk region and methodically continue offensive operations in order to liberate Kherson and other territories west of the Dnieper», – said the general.

In his opinion, this will allow Ukraine to liberate its territories even in winter. The Russians, the general believes, will find it harder to fight than the Ukrainians.

«Russia is now in a difficult situation. There is nothing Putin can do to reverse this dynamic that I have been talking about. «Referenda» led to nothing. The annexation of four regions does not matter in the end, and we see that Ukraine is liberating these territories», Petraeus said.

Even «partial mobilization», which was announced in the Russian Federation, ended with more people leaving the country than came to the military registration and enlistment offices, Petraeus noted.

«The only thing that remains for Russia at this stage, as we see it , is to punish Ukraine for what it is doing… This is done through rocket attacks and massive drone attacks,” the general said.

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