US intelligence: Russia due to lack of resources can focus on the defense of the occupied territories

The US intelligence community believes that Russia is facing a shortage of ammunition and troops, which could force it to shift to holding and defending existing positions, prolonging the war. This is reported by The New York Times with reference to the Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Avril Gaines.

According to her, after the latest setbacks on the battlefield, Russian President Vladimir Putin began to realize the problems facing the Russian troops and can adjust his strategy in the short term.

«Even though the Russian offensive continues, they (the Russians) are suffering heavy losses. Putin probably has a better understanding of the limits of what his military can achieve and seems to be focusing on more limited military targets,” Gaines commented.

As the director of US National Intelligence noted, Russia may choose to continue the war in Ukraine, even if it means long pauses in offensive operations, as the best chance to achieve its strategic goals.

«Unless Russia initiates mandatory mobilization and finds significant supplies of ammunition from third countries, it will be increasingly difficult for her to maintain the current level of offensive operations in the coming months,” Gaines is sure.

She added that as a result, the Russians could completely switch to holding and the defense of territories that were previously occupied.

«In short, we do not predict that the Russian military will recover enough this year to make significant progress in capturing territories ii», — she emphasized.

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