US Supreme Court buries contested Trump immigration order

US Supreme Court buries contested Trump immigration order

In Laredo, Texas, an employee of the US Immigration Enforcement Agency (ICE) prepares to escort migrants to Mexico, June 15, 2022.

The US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of Joe Biden, who overturned a contested immigration order by ex-President Donald Trump to send asylum seekers arrested at the border back to Mexico. reviewing their file.

By a very small majority (5 to 4), the judges ruled that stopping the automatic removal of migrants to Mexico did not violate US immigration law.

The measure, called Remain in Mexico, was implemented in 2019 when the United States recorded an influx of refugees at the border with Mexico.

It had been widely criticized by civil rights associations, when President Trump had made the fight against illegal immigration one of the markers of his policy.

The end of this measure was announced in February 2021, just weeks after Joe Biden took office, then implemented in June.

But two states, Texas and Missouri, had challenged the decision in court, which ruled in their favor, finding that ending the provision was against immigration law, forcing the forces of the #x27;order to release arrested migrants, due to lack of space in detention centers. The decision had been validated by a court of appeal.

The government then reviewed its copy, at the end of October 2021, taking into account the judicial decisions, then seized the Court supreme.

The latter therefore considered on Thursday that the decree of the Minister of Internal Security Alejandro Mayorkas issued in October did not violate the law on immigration and replaced the precedent that had been attacked by both states.

Each year, tens of thousands of migrants from Central and Latin America seek to reach the states fleeing violence and poverty in their countries, and many hundreds are losing their lives.

On Monday, an overheated and overloaded truck was found in San Antonio, Texas: among its passengers, 53 people died, one of the worst immigration dramas in the United States.

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