US to limit semiconductor exports to China

The É United States to Limit Semiconductor Exports to China

Semiconductors on the circuit board of a Samsung camera.

The Biden administration plans to cut shipments of some semiconductors and the equipment needed to produce them to China next month, several people familiar with them have said. of the folder.

The US Department of Commerce plans to issue new rules according to letters sent earlier this year to US companies, the sources said.

Letters were sent to KLA, Lam Research and Applied Materials, notifying them that they were prohibited from exporting equipment needed to produce advanced semiconductors to Chinese factories unless they obtained a permit from the Department of Commerce.

Other letters, addressed by the Department of Commerce to Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, asked these companies to stop shipments of chips used in the development of artificial intelligence to China.

Some of the sources also indicated that the new regulations will contain other rulings relating to China.

The restrictions may still be subject to change and the new regulations may come later than expected.

One ​​of the sources also explained that under the new rules permits may be required to export products containing the semiconductors subject to the sanctions.

A Commerce Department official declined to comment, but said: As a general rule, we want to codify all restrictions announced in these letters and ignore the regulations.

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