Vaccine, that’s who is “reported”. The suspicion of the military after the stop for AstraZeneca – Il Tempo

Vaccine, that’s who is “reported”. The suspicion of the military after the stop for AstraZeneca – Il Tempo

Vaccine, that’s who is “reported”. The suspicion of the military after the stop for AstraZeneca – Il Tempo

Changes to the national vaccination campaign against Covid they have repercussions in various sectors and the choices that fall on citizens can cause discontent and real suspicions.

This is the case of the suspension of the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine to the military which was suspended to allow vaccination of over 60s as quickly as possible.

The stop does not include doctors and nurses of the armed forces who will not receive AstraZeneca, however: it is intended for them Pfizer O Modern. The commander of the Army Logistics Support, General, explains in detail the program change in the campaign for the military Roberto Nardone, which said that it will vaccinate the approximately 2,800 units based on decree law 44 of 1 April which also concerns “health care workers who carry out their activities in public and private health, social and welfare structures, pharmacies, parapharmacies and in professional offices “.

But what is the crux of the dispute? According to reports from the Done the general had announced on April 14 that those who “operate within the structures in support activities” such as the Health Regiments engaged in the Minerva missions (engaged in the vaccination of the military), Eos (in the transport of vaccines) and Igea would also be vaccinated (in the collection of swabs) and in the field hospitals of Aosta, Cosenza and Perugia, as well as those who are on guard at field hospitals or vaccination centers are bound to the obligation.

But if one refuses? “In case of lack of consent” the military personnel must be “reported“and employed, where possible, in other activities or duties, is written in Nardone’s note.

The au aut worries the military representation acronyms which underline the concerns about the chosen method and some contradictions in the management of vaccination for the armed forces.

Starting from We are Army, Organized autonomous military Italian syndicate. The corporal chosen Davide Del Curatolo, at the head of the union, wrote to the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini and to the Chiefs of Defense and the Army, placing the emphasis on the fact that “the Defense Department does not seem to have issued any Circular on the matter”.

Yet the note of Nardone is there and speaks clearly. But what does We dispute are Army? “An Army soldier is required to get vaccinated and a Navy one who does the same job isn’t he?”, Is the rhetorical question that leaks from the union asking for “clarity”.

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