Vaccines, how plans change with the suspension of J&J: from pharmacies to prisons

Vaccines, how plans change with the suspension of J&J: from pharmacies to prisons

Vaccines, how plans change with the suspension of J&J: from pharmacies to prisons

The false start for Janssen of Johnson&Johnson, whose distribution was blocked after the suspension decided in the United States to verify the origin of the 6 cases of very rare and particular thrombosis reported on 6.8 million doses administered, risks marking a new slowdown in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus . Waiting for the first 184 thousand doses of the anti-Covid immunizer (single-dose, does not require a recall), fourth in order of time to be authorized in Italy, are mainly pharmacies since it can be kept in the fridge without freezing. But, in regions such as Lazio, it will also be destined for the prison population.

Towards the administration to the over 60s

“We will evaluate in the next few days, just at Ema (European Medicines Control Agency, ed) and the United States will give definitive information, which will be the best way, but I think that this vaccine will also have to be used, because it is important, “said the Minister of Health. Roberto Speranza. The government’s orientation, once distribution of the drug has resumed, is to reserve the J&J vaccine (provisioning in the second quarter of 7.31 million doses) for those over 60 years old, as happened for AstraZeneca (both are viral vector vaccines). He let it be understood Nicola Magrini, general manager of Aifa (drug agency). “The J&J vaccine – he said speaking to Door to Door – is highly safe with a clearly favorable risk-benefit ratio as has been shown by the studies” but “there are many similarities with the AstraZeneca vaccine, the limitations are therefore possible and reasonable and it will be probably the direction in which we will all move together ».


Pharmacies, already left in Liguria

The lack of Johnson & Johnson doses will have repercussions on the administration channel in pharmacies, to which the single-dose vaccine was intended for its ease of storage: there are about 11 thousand (10,400 associated with Federfarma and 600 municipalities) who have given their support and availability to administer the anti-Covid vaccine based on the agreement between Federfarma, Assofarm, the Government, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces. The pharmacists-vaccinators who have attended the compulsory course of the Higher Institute of Health are 5 thousand. Ready to leave at the end of April but you will have to deal with the availability of the doses.

As happened in Liguria. The region has already started using the AstraZeneca vaccine. “We will have 50 points for a total of between 2,500 and 3 thousand vaccines per week” the Ligurian president announced on March 16. Giovanni Toti. The administrations began on March 30 in 52 pharmacies and the national quota of AstraZeneca did not allow to fully exploit the potential of the network that could ensure 5 thousand daily doses.

Prisons, in Lazio waiting for J&J

The Lazio Region had announced that the first 18 thousand doses of Johnson & Johnson, whose delivery before the suspension was scheduled for April 19, would mainly go to prisons for staff who work there and for prisoners. A distribution that must, however, take into account the priorities indicated in the order of 9 April of the extraordinary commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo which arranges vaccination by age group and frailty. First the older ones, then you go down with age, even in prisons. Out of a total prison population of 52,207 people, the over 50s are 26% above.

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