Valeria Cuevas: “Regional music chose me”

Valeria Cuevas: “Regional music chose me”

I don’t think I chose regional Mexican music, rather it chose me since I was a baby, because every time my mother Aída Cuevas He sang with mariachi, my spine was clearly marked on his belly and his skin stood on end. Something that did not happen in the pregnancies of my brothers ”, affirmed Valeria Cuevas, who debuted as an interpreter with the simple “The betrayed”.

At six years of age she was already studying music, she learned to play the piano and the ukulele, however, she tried to change her destiny and studied fashion design, but once her career was over, she realized that what really fascinated her was music, so with the support of the family, he started playing both instruments again and planning his career.

Since last year, she had ready the material with which she planned to go out, but when she showed it to her brother Diego, he surprised her with the lyrics of “Las traicionadas”, which immediately won her over and her mother, who is the producer. of this first album that will have both unreleased songs and covers.

“The album remains in the regional Mexican genre, it does not enter ranchero as such, but we wink at sounds from the north, we also have marimba and jarana. We are going through all of them, looking for current arrangements, to bring this traditional music to the new generations ”, he said.

Besides listening to Aída Cuevas As a producer, she listens to her like her mother, who advises her to always be consistent with what she thinks and does, respecting the mariachi costumes and the values ​​with which she was brought up.

Valeria debuted as a host in “Everyone wants fame”, along with Roger González, a pleasant experience that she would like to repeat one day, although she knows that for now her career as a singer.



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