Valery Zhidkov: Friends from Russia offered to come to them

Valery Zhidkov: Friends from Russia offered to come to them

The author of the Kvartal 95 studio, Valery Zhidkov, who was born in Tambov in the Russian Federation, said in interview to the Talk with me channel about communicating with Russian relatives and friends after the start of the war.

– There are people [in Russia] who adequately and sanely assess the situation. There are those who have changed their position during this time. But there are those who categorically do not want to break the cozy little world in their heads that they built with the help of the TV … Their TV has already been so lied that every day they need to give out even more ridiculous information. The funny thing is that my friends from Russia told me: “It's dangerous there, come to us.” And this is funny not only because I already have Ukrainian citizenship…,” said Zhidkov.

The comedian says that he continues to communicate only with those Russians with whom he can conduct a reasoned dialogue. Zhidkov is sure that the consciousness of people in Russia will change for the better.

On the morning of February 24, the comedian and his family left Kyiv for a dacha in Makarov, Buchansky district, because he thought it would be safer there. On February 28, Zhidkov managed to leave the occupied region. Now the Zhidkov family is abroad.

Valery Zhidkov: Friends from Russia was offered to come to them

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