Vancouver Parking Collapse: Man Found Dead

Collapsed’ a parking lot in Vancouver: a man found dead

In East Vancouver, a parking lot collapse that was on top of a building claimed the life of one person.

After a 28-hour rescue operation to find a person missing in a parking lot collapse in east Vancouver on Thursday afternoon, his body was found dead, authorities say.

For the moment, the identity of the man has not been revealed, the police wishing to notify his family beforehand, explains the assistant to the operations at the Service of the Vancouver Fires, Brad Hesse.

About 50 people took part in the rescue operation, which lasted two days before locating the victim at around 5:45 p.m. Friday.

They were supported by a search team equipped with heavy equipment and specialized in industrial rescues.

“It was really difficult. Whenever we face a structure like this collapsing, it is always a risky situation.

—Brad Hesse, Vancouver Fire Department

A technician walks through the rubble during the rescue operation on July 15 to find the missing person at the following the collapse of a parking lot in Vancouver.

Teams sifted through an unstable pile of concrete, plaster, electrical wires, metal and other debris. A vacuum truck participated in the excavations, explains Trevor Connelly, also a spokesperson for the fire department.

According to the Fire Department, the collapse occurred when a skid steer loader was working on the roof around 1 p.m. Thursday. When the roof collapsed, the machine and the operator fell.

Apart from the presence of the machinery, the teams on site do not know the causes of the collapse, say the firefighters. WorkSafeBC is investigating the cause of the incident.

According to Trevor Connelly, debris began falling from the roof moments before the collapse, which allowed people inside the building to have a brief warning before the incident occurs.

Eight people were rescued from offices on the second floor on Thursday. Two of them were taken to hospital, including the driver of the skid steer loader.

With information from Michelle Ghoussoub, Rhianna Schmunk and Jessica Cheung

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