Vanessa Gravina, the separation from her husband Domenico: “We must go on”

Vanessa Gravina, the separation from her husband Domenico: “We must go on”

A few days before the end of the television season, Serena Bortone getting ready for the summer break. But he still has many surprises to give to his viewers: in the last episode of Today is another day, welcomed the splendid in the studio Vanessa Gravina, which is told in the round.

Very good actress who worked, from his earliest age, with some of the most famous artists of the Italian cinema scene, Vanessa began to take her first steps (in a metaphorical sense, in this case) when she was only a few months old. “Taking pictures bored me a lot, I liked shooting commercials instead” – he revealed, to the microphones of the Rai1 show. And from the first advertising campaigns, the step towards the world of cinema was short. His debut on the big screen, under the direction of Marco Risi, dates back to 1985 with the film Lightning strike, while just a couple of years later he worked alongside Gianni Morandi and Catherine Spaak in the TV miniseries The will to win.

Vanessa Gravina he spent his youth in a decidedly eventful way, moving from one set to another: “I had a very busy childhood, very constructive. I have always worked, I had the opportunity to meet great artists ”- he said -“ I was very well at work, it was a way of not thinking about other things ”. In fact, as a child she had a hard time with the separation of his parents: “I am an extremely practical and rational person, I believe that when things no longer go it is good to take your own path”.

However, already so very young she showed one great willpower: “When you turn the page there is always a rebirth. At that moment I was paradoxically happy, because I knew that something would be resolved ”. A profound teaching, especially since it came from what at the time was only a child. But Vanessa Gravina has made these emotions her own, reliving them (this time in the first person) with the separation from her husband. The actress has in fact recently announced that between her and Domenico Pimpinella it’s over.

La Gravina, back from a long love affair with his colleague Edoardo Siravo, had met Domenico and in 2015 the two were married. But something broke, and their paths divided: “When you understand that a certain path has run out, you need to have the strength to go forward” – admitted the actress, speaking for the first time on TV about the separation. And now she is ready to go on: “Surrender is a word that is not very present in my vocabulary. The more they hit me, the more I go forward ”.

Interviewed by Bortone on the matter, she later revealed: “In love you have to let yourself go, and I have never skimped on this. I have had very long love stories, in which I have always put the best of me. The job we do inevitably takes away time and therefore a certain care, but I have always tried to keep everything that is my private life outside, to preserve it “. Also for this, Vanessa has always been very reserved about its most intimate sphere, despite its public facade.


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