Vereshchuk urged Kherson residents to travel through Crimea with Russian passports

Vereshchuk urged Kherson residents to travel through Crimea with Russian passports

Residents of the Kherson region should use every opportunity to leave the temporarily occupied territory. In particular, Ukrainians can use Russian-issued military passports and cross the border through Crimea. This was stated by the Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk, writes “Ukrinform”.

– Leave, please, because our army will definitely de-occupy these lands. Our will to do so is unshakable. And then it will be very difficult to open a humanitarian corridor when there are children there. It was difficult in Mariupol, and it will be even more difficult in the Kherson region. For the enemy is learning, becoming even more cynical, using a human shield, especially children. We will know that there are children there, and we will be powerless, and we really do not want this. Believe me, the de-occupation will be very fast. There will definitely be a counteroffensive,” Vereshchuk said.

According to her, if Kherson residents leave through the temporarily occupied Crimea, this will not be considered a violation of the law and they will not be punished for this.

– They will not break the law if they leave through the temporarily occupied Crimea. We know that today this is almost the only humanitarian corridor, if you can call it that, and through which you can leave. So, if possible, leave especially with children. As soon as you enter the territory of third countries – the European Union or someone else – contact any consulate or find an opportunity to call us, – she stressed.

As the minister noted, Ukrainians will be allowed into any country even without documents. If necessary, the Ukrainian authorities are ready to prepare documents and transfer them to the embassies of the countries where residents of the Kherson region will arrive.

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