Verka Serduchka sang “Russia goodbye” instead of “Lasha tumbay” at a concert in Amsterdam

Verka Serduchka sang "Russia goodbye" instead of "Lasha tombay" at a concert in Amsterdam

Verka Serduchka has officially changed the title of her song Dancing Lasha tumbai to Dancing Russia goodbye. She stated this during a performance at a charity concert of Eurovision stars Embrace Ukraine – #SrivingTogether in Amsterdam, writes the Cultural Laundry telegram channel.

– I have never sung rush goodbye. Only lash. But now it's only goodbye rush and that's putting it mildly, – the singer said from the stage.

The VERKA SERDUCHKA band members took the stage in T-shirts with the inscription X*Y WAR and F*CK THE WAR. A quote from STASIK's song “Koliskova for the enemy” was shown on the screen: “You want the land, so now you will laugh with it.”

From the stage in Amsterdam, Verka Serduchka also quoted a line from her stand-up from the 90s “Down with Ukraine, the ugly Muscovite.”

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