Vianney victim of a hard blow: he makes an announcement to his fans …

The popular singer Vianney must, like all artists, deal with the health constraints linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Monday, December 14, he posted a long message on his Instagram account to make an announcement to his audience.
Clearly, Vianney’s return to music is painful. The 29-year-old singer, happy at the idea of ​​sharing his third album titled N’attendons pas , took the risk of releasing it in the midst of re-containment while non-essential stores were closed; however, it was certified Gold for 50,000 sales equivalent. While he was counting on his next tour to introduce it to the general public, the husband of musician Catherine Robert has just made a sad announcement.

On December 14, Vianney shared a press release on his Instagram account to reveal to his fans that his tour scheduled from March 2021 will be postponed to 2022. It will therefore be necessary to be patient to see him on stage … ” Les prospects in favor of reopening standing venues in full size are very uncertain. A tour requires, to take place in good conditions and offer you a show that meets your expectations, months of preparation, a human and material investment. and significant financial and a very real ability to foresee and anticipate. The current health restrictions do not offer us these conditions and we will never compromise on the quality of a show. That is why, instead of a cancellation, we offer youa postponement of this tour in November and December 2022 “, we can read.

Vianney, who is a hit with his single Beau-papa echoing his personal situation , is counting on his fans to come see him in 2022 and not be reimbursed for their tickets immediately. ” Keeping your ticket, in such a troubled period, is a gesture of strong support for the performing arts and its actors, ” said the press release. A few words that reflect the distress of the world of Culture , which feels abandoned by the government while theaters, cinemas and shows always have closed doors …

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