Victim of Vancouver parking lot collapse is a 40-year-old man

The victim of the Vancouver parking lot collapse is a 40-year-old man

Benjamin Sotelo always smiled, loved to travel and enjoyed going to restaurants, according to his relatives.

Relatives confirm that Benjamin Sotelo, 40, is the victim found under the rubble of a collapsed parking lot in Vancouver last Thursday.

We are broken, says his brother, Humberto Sotelo, who returned from Mexico with other family members to retrieve the body.

Benjamin Sotelo, who had lived in Canada for about six years old, was the human resources manager of Gizella Pastry, the business that was at the scene of the accident.

I appreciate every call, every message, adds Humberto Sotelo on the many friends who expressed their condolences.

In east Vancouver, the collapse of a parking lot that was on the roof of a building has cost one person's life.

WorkSafeBC is investigating the cause of the incident. On Thursday, eight people were rescued from offices on the second floor. Two of them were taken to hospital, including the driver of a loader who was on the roof at the time of the collapse.

I want to thank the rescue workers, firefighters and police officers who participated in the rescue of my brother. The first few hours were difficult, but we appreciate the work they have done.

Humberto Sotelo hopes to get answers to the questions raised by the event. We want to know who is responsible. We want to know what happened.

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