Visa regime of Ukraine with Russia: where and which of the Russians can get a visa

Visa regime of Ukraine with Russia: where and which of the Russians can get a visa

Already next week, from July 1, Russians will be allowed into Ukraine only if availability of visas. On June 17, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine officially canceled the visa-free regime with the aggressor country.

“KP in Ukraine” found answers to the most requested questions regarding visa know-how for Russian citizens.

1. Where to apply for visas?

Since the activities of Ukrainian embassies and consulates in Russia have been terminated, citizens of the Russian Federation can apply to the visa centers of an external service provider – the centers of VFS Global (this company is an official partner of the Polish Embassy in Ukraine. – Auth.). They are located in 8 cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Samara.

“Visa applications will be processed by Ukrainian diplomatic missions of Ukraine in third countries,” the Foreign Ministry clarified.

Russians living abroad will be able to apply for Ukrainian visas at the diplomatic missions of Ukraine in the countries where they live.


2. Can I apply for an e-visa?

No. The e-visa service for Russians is not available. The Russian Federation is not included in the list of 43 countries that can use the fast and cheap option to apply for a visa online.

3. Do I need a foreign passport?

And before the introduction of the visa regime with the Russian Federation, Russians could enter Ukraine only with a foreign passport.

When filling out a visa application form, you will need to specify one of the types of documents: foreign, diplomatic , service, official or special passport.

Strict requirements are imposed on the passport: validity of at least three months after the declared date of departure from Ukraine; the total period of validity is not more than 10 years; have at least two free pages.

4. What other documents will be required to apply for a visa?
  • A completed and signed visa application form.
  • One 35×45 mm color photo
  • No covered medical policy less than 30 thousand euros.
  • A document confirming the availability of the required amount of money for the period of stay in Ukraine (bank statement or check from an ATM, guarantees from the receiving party).
  • Receipt of payment of the consular fee.

5. How much money do you need to have to enter Ukraine?

The total amount is determined in the amount of 20 living wages per person per month, established in Ukraine on the day of entry into the country. That is, if a Russian wants to come to Ukraine on July 1 for a month, he must have 50,160 hryvnias in his pocket or on a bank card (2508×20).

But what matters! If the stay is less than or more than a month, then the amount is calculated according to the following formula: 50,160 hryvnia is divided by 30 and multiplied by the number of days of stay + 5 more days. For example, to enter Ukraine for 10 days, you will need 25,080 hryvnias in cash or non-cash.

6. Do I need an invitation?

Required! Moreover, a Russian citizen must provide in the package of documents not only an invitation from relatives, but also photocopies of the passport data of the host country.

There are exceptions. Foreigners who:

  • are the husband, wife, parents or child of a citizen of Ukraine can enter without an invitation;
  • arrive in our country for treatment and have a supporting document from a medical institution;
  • have real estate in our country;
  • have made an investment in the economy of Ukraine;
  • I have a tourist package.

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7. What is the consular fee?

The Foreign Ministry website says that the base consular fee is $65. But for citizens of some countries, the cost of a visa may be higher. For example: a single short-term visa for citizens of Afghanistan will cost 85-100 dollars, India and Libya – 130, Pakistan – 165. As of June 24, there was no separate tariff for Russia.

For an urgent visa ( within 3 days) you will have to pay extra – a double consular fee.

8. Will all Russians be able to get a visa?

No! A visa will not be given to Russians on the sanctions list, as well as to those who do not meet the financial criteria or pose a danger to our country. Those who visited the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol after June 10, 2015, can also be refused.

9. How long is a visa issued for?

For all states with which the visa regime is in force, uniform types of visas are established:

  • transit – for up to one year, while the time of stay in Ukraine should not exceed 5 days;
  • short-term – for up to 90 days of stay;
  • long-term – for a period exceeding 90 days stay.

10. Visa in hand. Does this mean a 100% hit on the territory of Ukraine?

No. The border guards have the last word. Border guards check all entering foreigners for compliance with 5 criteria:have a valid passport; the absence of persona non grata in the lists; the presence of a visa; financial support and confirmation of the purpose of the trip.

– If one of the foreigners does not meet one of these requirements, then even if they have a visa, such persons will be denied entry to our country, – the speaker said during a nationwide telethon State Border Service Andrey Demchenko.

11. Where can I cross the state border?

All border checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation and Belarus are closed. Russians can enter Ukraine only through third countries – Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova.

12. Do Russian citizens who entered Ukraine before July 1 need a visa?

No. Such foreigners are subject to the legal regime that was in effect before the abolition of the visa-free regime with the Russian Federation. It provides for registration at the place of residence and stay in our country for up to 90 days.

13. How many Russians entered Ukraine during the war?

Starting from 2013, the number of Russians entering Ukraine has been steadily decreasing. If in 2013 there were almost 11 million such “tourists”, then in 2021 there will be only 500 thousand.

– Due to the full-scale military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the indicators of crossing the border by Russians have decreased to a critical level. Now a few citizens of the Russian Federation cross the border of Ukraine, and then – if there are good reasons, – says Andriy Demchenko.

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