Vitaa talks about her indestructible friendship with Diam’s: “I saw her suffer a lot”

While she could not break into the world of music, Vitaa was able to count on the support of her friend Diam’s. Convinced of her talent, the young woman did everything to restore her confidence in herself and in her talent.
Interviewed by Augustin Trapenard on December 23, 2020 on France Inter , Vitaa revealed the secrets of her friendship with Diam’s , emblematic rapper of the 2000s. Between them, everything was magic. Their meeting was also obvious, as she confides on the microphone of the show Boomerang : ” We met because I had been offered to do a collaboration on a title at the time Double Face Hip Hop Rnb . (…) They tell me: ‘Invite whoever you want’, and Diam’s was not very well known at the time, she had not yet released her big hits. But I knew her because I followed everything she did, I was a fan.There is one person I want to meet, that’s her ‘ . “

The appointment is made with Diam’s. Vitaa then discovers that the interpreter of the title Ma Souffrance has already listened to her and loves her voice. She says: ” To my surprise she knew me because she had listened to certain songs like that and she said: ‘ I like her voice too much I want to meet her. We meet. Human love at first sight before the artistic and then we never let go. ”

At the time, however, Vitaa continued to reject it in record companies that did not believe in her musical project. She remembers: ” With my manager, we made all the record companies one after the other who told us this project is too complicated, a white girl who sings a little bit in the sounds of RnB, Soul, it will never work . ” Diam’s then becomes her driving force , her coach and gives her confidence in herself and in her talent. ” Diam’s she pushed me a lot, she told me you have a gift, you have to write, you have to tell your stories. I learned a lot by her side because I was going on tour with her (. ..) I watched her a lot, she really is a great author .”It was finally thanks to their duo Confessions nocturnes that Vitaa’s career took off in 2006.

She still writes books, texts
Now far from the media, Diam’s lives a peaceful mother’s life with her husband in Saudi Arabia . Having struggled to cope with the consequences of celebrity, Mélanie Georgiades indeed preferred to retire away from music and became mother of Maryam and Abraham . Vitaa explains: ” I saw her suffer a lot, I think she had also built a lot as well as an artist and she had a lot of difficulty in leading her personal life and her life as an artist. (…) She’s happier like that and I respect her choice. She’s my friend. ”

Very close, the two artists have forged strong and unwavering ties. Amused, the interpreter of the title À fleur de toi says: ” She is passionate, she still writes. She put the music aside but she still writes books, texts. Sometimes we are together at home and she begins to make me a verse. “So, would a new duet still be possible between the two artists? Who knows…

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