Volunteer explained why it is impossible to publish photos with numbers of downed Iranian drones

Volunteer explained why it is not allowed to publish photos with numbers of downed Iranian drones

Ukrainians are urged not to take pictures or publish on the Web the numbers of downed Iranian kamikaze drones. The corresponding appeal was recorded by volunteer Pavel Kashchuk.

The volunteer drew attention to the fact that the Iranian Shahed-136 drone is completely autonomous and flies along a pre-planned route without communication. During the flight, the drone is able to bypass some cities and change altitudes.

«The only source of information about whether this route was justified, whether this particular drone flew to the target, or at least the city he was sent to are photos from social networks», — Kashchuk explained.

He added that the occupiers send several drones to a specific target using different routes, with each route tied to the serial number of the drone.

&# 171;Seeing a photo with a number, for example, 105, which is just lying on the pavement. The enemy looks at his notes and understands that the route under this number justified itself», — volunteer added.

This information also allows the enemy to understand that air defense did not work in a certain place, after which additional drones or missiles can be launched along this route.

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Why can't you send a photo with Shahediv's numbers? Rozpovsyudie be-weasel tse animal on TV, it’s similar, it’s enough to get information … Download the video at the shortest level here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PvCuF2Iwgq6jijq-8Zt9u-Azw_SJHZts/view?usp=drivesdk< /p>

Posted by Pasha K. Kashchuk on Monday, October 17, 2022

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