Volunteer: Terekhov at the meeting “fought in hysterics” due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in Kharkov

Volunteer: Terekhov at the meeting «fought in hysterics» due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in Kharkov

Volunteer Roman Donik said that today at the meeting the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov «was hysterical» due to the fact that fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are standing in the city and, allegedly, because of this, they are shelling it. The volunteer reports this with reference to the words of eyewitnesses.

Donik writes that there were more than 30 people at the meeting in which Terekhov spoke. According to eyewitnesses, the head of Kharkov complained that because of the shelling that «provoke the military», he could not start the educational process in schools.

« Yes. School. Studies. 21 km from the border. And he demanded that the military be immediately taken out of the city. Referring to some order from above. Moreover, Terekhov does not care where to place those who defend the city. Recovery and other military things also do not care. They say there's enough room for everyone in the trenches», — emphasized the volunteer.

Donik noted that it looks like it would be more convenient for Terekhov «if no one resisted at all, if he could surrender the city without a fight» occupiers.

«But besides Kharkiv's support for the Terekhovs, there is also our support. For which thousands of sons and daughters of Ukraine gave their lives. In which Kharkov is an outpost, in which Kharkov is 20 km from the border. In which Kharkov is a wall for the enemy on the border»,— he stressed.

The volunteer added that Terekhov is allegedly prevented from «diving foreigners for investments» for «restoring the city» because no one wants to invest in a front-line city. Donik admitted that this was important, but only if Kharkiv was free and not occupied by the Russians.

«Let me remind you. From the state border to the district 21 km. If the military is not in the city, as Terekhov wants, all Kharkiv residents run the risk of waking up one morning from the clang of Russian tanks under the window & # 187;, & # 8212; he summed up.

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