Wagner recruiters have begun the next stage of recruiting prisoners, but now there are few who want to

Wagner recruiters have begun another phase of recruiting prisoners, but now few are willing< /p>

Recruiters of the terrorist PMC «Wagner» began to come to the Russian colonies for the second time, from where prisoners were already taken to the war in Ukraine. This was reported by «Mediazona«.

The convicts told reporters that now the recruitment process is taking place in a less «solemn» form: prisoners are no longer lined up on the parade ground, and the creator of the PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin does not fly by helicopter.

In addition, two to three times fewer people now agree to go to war in Ukraine compared to the autumn and spring periods. Prisoners also began to wonder what percentage of those who had previously agreed to fight returned alive.

Credibility of recruiters was also undermined by news in the media and telephone conversations with combatants. They said that, in particular, near Bakhmut, 20% of those who went to war survived.

In November 2022, «Mediazona» reported that in September and October 2022 the number of prisoners decreased by 23 thousand people. After that, the Federal Penitentiary Service did not update the statistics for two months, and at the end of January released new data, from which it follows that the number of prisoners has stopped declining after a record drop in the fall.

This may indicate a decrease in recruitment rates &#171 ;Wagnerites».

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