Wallace: 97% of the entire Russian army is involved in Ukraine

Wallace: Ukraine employs 97% of the entire Russian army

Today, almost the entire Russian army is involved in the war against Ukraine. This was announced on BBC Radio 4 by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Speaking of the Russian offensive, Wallace said that he could not muster a single force to «penetrate» defense of Ukraine. According to him, now there are efforts aimed at moving forward.

«It cost the Russian army a huge price. According to our estimates, 97% of the Russian army, the entire Russian army, is in Ukraine», — said the British minister.

Commenting on this indicator, the head of the British defense department noted that the combat capability of the invaders was reduced by 40%, and almost two-thirds of the tanks were destroyed or broken.

«I think that what Russia is doing in trying to move forward, it is doing almost at the level of the First World War, with the level of attrition and success rates measured in meters, not kilometers», — Wallace said.

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