Wallace admitted that Russia can no longer advance in Ukraine

Wallace admitted that Russia can no longer advance in Ukraine

< p>British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said at the Munich Security Conference that there is no evidence of the start of a major Russian offensive in Ukraine. The Financial Times writes about this.

Moreover, he questioned, in principle, whether Russia has the potential for further advancement.

“What we have seen is progress on all fronts, but at the expense of thousands of lives… In fact, we should question the claim that they can go on,” Wallace said.

The British Defense Secretary said more than 180,000 Russian occupiers had been killed since the invasion began. or injured. He added that, according to US estimates, two-thirds of Russian tanks were lost. According to Wallace, 3,000 Russian soldiers died near Vuhledar alone during an offensive attempt in early February.

“Russia still has significant forces at its disposal. But, as we found out, when they collect them, they break them… It’s hard for them,” Wallace said.

The British minister also noted the change in the approach of Western countries to military assistance to Ukraine: “Just think about it: we have met twice in the last three weeks, in Ramstein and at meeting of NATO defense ministers this week. It's a big change.” Wallace cited the U.S. decision to “be more assertive” as the reason for the change.

  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said the projected spring offensive by Russian troops in Ukraine has already begun.

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