War and marital status: the actor of “First Swallows” married a colleague, and Mogilevskaya hinted at love

War and marital status: the actor of the First Swallows married a colleague, and Mogilevskaya hinted at love

In March, after six years of marriage, they announced their divorce Nadya Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes. And although the artists said that they decided to disperse before the war, however, their statement fell on this difficult time for us. The next day, restaurateurs Mikhail and Dasha Katsurin also announced that they were no longer a couple. By the way, rumors immediately spread on the network that Dorofeeva’s new chosen one was Mikhail Katsurin.

On June 3, singer Natalya Valevskaya also announced her divorce from Vladimir Prglady.

But the former press secretary of the President, Yulia Mendel, on June 4, married the former Deputy Minister of Economy Pavel Kukhta. In April, Irakli Makatsaria proposed to his chosen one and ex-“Bachelor”.

Who else told about the changes in his life?

Maxim Devizorov and Svetlana Gordienko

At the beginning of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, actor Maksim Devizorov joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and went to the Donetsk region. However, this did not prevent the star of the New Channel series “First Swallows” from marrying her beloved – actress Svetlana Gordienko. For this, he was released from service in the Dnieper for a day.

– Feelings for Svetlana, whom I love very much, helped me make this decision. The war may have accelerated events somewhat. But we planned to start a family before, we saw in each other the parents of our future children, – said Maxim in the social project “Life during the war”.

Their photos have been all over social media. Devizorov admits that the fact that his wedding with Svetlana gained such publicity came as a surprise to them.

– On the contrary, we planned, given all the circumstances, to do everything modestly. There weren’t even parents on the mural,” says the actor. – We decided that we would arrange a holiday after the end of the war. And then everyone began to congratulate and rejoice for us! It's very nice.

According to Svetlana, on the day of the wedding, she experienced as before the great premiere of the main role in her life:

“At the same time, I was happy. More than ever. I met you. I'm proud of you. I protect. And the rest you see and feel.

Maxim wrote to his wife on social networks that she is his angel, inspiration and wings.

– When the war ends, we will have so many things to do! But the most important of them is to give each other beautiful kids,” he added. ” alt = “War and marital status: the actor of the “First Swallows” married a colleague, and Mogilevskaya hinted at love” />

Actors Maxim Devizorov and Svetlana Gordienko are already thinking about the kids. Photo: Instagram.com/libkos/

Maxim Samchik and Angelina Trandafilova

But another actor of The First Swallows has a different story. After six years of relationship, he divorced actress Angelina Trandafilova, the star of the New Girl TV series.

We have been through a lot during this time. Changed, grew together. I learned and discovered a lot for myself. I realized what I am, what I can be and what I am capable of, – Angelina admitted to her subscribers on Instagram on May 24. – We went through the lessons together that were supposed to go through, and now our paths diverge. Everyone has their own happy path ahead! I am grateful for every moment of our life together, for every event! Maxim is my close person, and will remain so. It is impossible to take and cut out of a person's life. Yes, and it is not necessary. Both of us are young, talented, beautiful, free. Ahead of us is waiting for something beautiful, the best. I'm sure of it!

The actors started dating in 2016. And in April 2020, in the midst of quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they got married. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted two years. However, as Angelina says, Maxim can always count on her and she is always ready to help him if necessary.

War and marital status: The First Swallows actor married a colleague, and Mogilevskaya hinted at love

Maxim Samchik and Angelina Trandafilova divorced after two years of marriage. Photo: Instagram.com/angelina_samchyk_trandafilova/

Lisa Glinskaya and Maxim Bolshakov

Former MasterChef judge, culinary blogger Liza Glinskaya On May 20, she married her chosen one Maxim Bolshakov.

– Someday I will definitely tell you our story! And now I want to thank everyone for so many congratulations. So much warmth and support! Despite the sirens that were all day, thanks to our defenders, we did everything, ”Lisa admitted on her Instagram page.

In an interview with KP in early February, Glinskaya said that she met Maxim in 2001 on the Internet.

– We talked for several months in correspondence and on the phone, we met for a year. Then they broke up, became friends and have been friends for many years. And then you know, she smiles.

The couple got engaged in 2021, the wedding was scheduled for May 2022.

– The wedding will be ordinary and very modest, – Liza thought in a conversation with us. “This is my second marriage. In my first marriage, there was a loud celebration for a hundred people, and I was so exhausted before this banquet and in the process that I don’t really want to repeat this. We will just officially conduct everything and gather the closest people in the restaurant. To be honest, I prefer to look at good photos and videos from a gorgeous wedding, but I feel uncomfortable to participate in this as the main character. In addition, it is expensive both morally and financially. Better spend this money on a vacation in a warm country.

But the war came … On the eve of the planned date, the culinary even wanted to cancel the wedding.

“Until the last, I could not afford a holiday, become happy, become a wife,” she admits. – And then I decided that my beloved husband and I have the right to happiness, because we dreamed about it for many years. Hastily, I ordered a dress in an online store, and also a beautiful wreath. We ordered wedding rings back in February, but, unfortunately, we did not have time to make them. Therefore, it will be as it will be. From stress, I gained extra weight, and my face seemed to change. No hair, gray hair. But it's not all that important. If only the people close to us were alive and well. I believe that I will remember this event with warmth in my heart in a peaceful country, my native Ukraine!

War and marital status: The First Swallows actor married a colleague, and Mogilevskaya hinted at love

At first Lisa Glinskaya wanted to cancel the wedding, but then she thought that they have a right to happiness. Photo: Instagram.com/lizaglinskaya/

Natalya Mogilevskaya and her mysterious lover

Natalya Mogilevskaya admitted that during the war next to she has a reliable male shoulder. But she hasn't named her beloved yet.

We have been together all this time. He travels with me around the cities, protecting me, because we even visit places where military units have disappeared – they are underground, and for the enemy they simply do not exist. Yesterday we were in Zaporozhye, near which Russian troops are stationed. I mean, he rides with me and protects me from everything. I am with him, as in a song – and death is not terrible. But I believe that during the war, all love stories are out of time. And we will tell our story later. However, I am very grateful to him that he was with me, – said the People's Artist of Ukraine in the program “Wound with Ukraine”.

War and marital status: the actor of the First Swallows married a colleague, and Mogilevskaya hinted at love

Natalya Mogilevskaya hinted at a new love, but says that during the war all love stories are out of time. He will tell you later. Photo: Instagram.com/nataliya_mogilevskaya/

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