War in Yemen: truce extended until October 2

War in Y&eacute ;men: truce extended until October 2

Yemenis protested days ago, demanding an end to a years-long blockade imposed by Houthi rebels in the war-ravaged country.

The UN announced on Tuesday the extension for “two more months” of the truce in force since April 2 in Yemen, a country ravaged by nearly eight years of war and facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. world.

The poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula is devastated by the conflict between government forces, backed by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia since 2015 , to Houthi rebels backed by Iran, Riyadh's rival in the region.

I am pleased to announce that the parties have agreed to extend the truce, under the same conditions, for two additional months, from August 2, 2022 to October 2, 2022, said the emissary of the #x27;UN for Yemen, Hans Grundberg.

This ceasefire includes a commitment by the parties to intensify negotiations to reach a broad truce agreement as soon as possible, he said in a statement.

Yemen has been devastated by the war that has been raging since 2015.

According to him, negotiations are under course through the UN in order to consolidate the opportunity offered by the truce to move towards a lasting peace.

Since the April 2, a two-month truce was agreed in Yemen and then extended for a similar period on June 2, giving Yemenis a rare respite.

The main objective of the current truce remains to bring tangible relief to civilians and create an environment conducive to a peaceful resolution of the conflict through a comprehensive political process, Hans Grundberg said.

According to the UN, the war in Yemen has left hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced, two-thirds of the population in need of humanitarian assistance, particularly in the face of the risk of large-scale famine.

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