War Zone: Ukrainian military began to use high-precision “smart” bombs JDAM | VIDEO

War Zone: Ukrainian Military Starts Using JDAM Precision Smart Bombs | VIDEO

The Ukrainian Air Force got the opportunity to use high-precision «smart» JDAM-ER bombs with a range of up to 72 km. This was stated by the commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, James Hecker, according to The War Zone.

«Recently, we sent some precision-guided munitions to Ukraine that have an extended range and hit a little further than an unguided free-fall bomb, and are accurate», Hecker said.

< p>According to him, the Ukrainians got the opportunity to use JDAM «probably in the last three weeks».

Hecker confirmed that he meant high-precision JDAM-ER.

< p>The publication writes that the exact configuration of the JDAM-ER received by Ukraine is still unknown. Hecker also called them GBU-62. However, the only previously known variant of the GBU-62 is the GBU-62(V)1/B, also known as the Quickstrike-ER, which combines the JDAM-ER kit with the 900kg Mk 64 Quickstrike.

Although naval Quickstrike mines are made from Mk 80 series bombs, they are not intended to be used as general purpose strike weapons.

«It seems more likely that the JDAM-ERs for Ukraine are based on more traditional bombs. There is a possibility that the «warheads» could be Quickstrike mines converted into standard bombs», the editorial added.

Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters were previously converted to support launches of AGM-88 anti-radar missiles (from a NATO-style LAU-118/A pylon). War Zone believes that it is these platforms and pylons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that are also used to drop JDAM.

Hecker noted that JDAM gives Ukrainian forces the ability to hit «completely new sets of targets», which can be beyond the reach of existing air-launched weapons and ground-based systems, including HIMARS/MLRS (with a warhead of about 90 kg).

He emphasized that the total number of JDAM-ERs currently in Ukraine is &#171 ;limited».

«They have enough to land a couple of hits», Hecker said.

Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a relatively inexpensive conventional bomb guidance kit manufactured by Boeing. It turns existing unguided general purpose bombs into «smart» weapons with precise control. Basic versions of JDAM can be launched at a target from a distance of more than 28 km. Adding wings allows you to increase the distance to 70-80 km.

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