Warning, RBO can be shocking!

In this chilly time when a single complaint is enough to erase an episode of La petite vie de Tou.TV, the Crave service takes no risk with the naughty rascals of RBO. Two very clear warnings precede the 20 episodes of Rock et Belles Oreilles: The Archives , online since Tuesday to celebrate the 40 years of this legendary group.

The first, super formal, recalls that RBO’s style of humor may “not suit all audiences” and that certain “subjects could offend” viewers. The second repeats the same message, but as a joke. Like: this show does not contain any socially acceptable skits. We have been warned.

Will these warnings be enough to calm the indignant permanent, always ready to climb in the curtains even if they are vertical blinds? Hope so.

Because the three episodes of RBO’s “best moments” that I saw on Monday made me laugh a lot. The material, drawn from TQS reserves between 1986 and 1988, has aged quite well. In fact, Rock et Belles Oreilles: The Archives is for fans, like me, who have had a great time with parodies and sketches made by Guy A. Lepage, Bruno Landry, André Ducharme, Yves P. Pelletier, Richard Z. Sirois and Chantal Francke, let’s not forget, because she was great. It is a powerful catalyst for nostalgia.

As the original material is about thirty years old, of course it contains questionable gags about gays, the disabled, ethnic communities (how many Japanese are hara-kiri in RBO?) And even the trans people. In all fairness, I expected a lot worse.

What is striking when reviewing the episodes is how much RBO spanked where it hurts, in an acid phrase or a shocking image. The members of the group picked up the slightest faults in pubs, TV series or stars and exploited them with a viciousness bordering on defamation.

This aspect would no longer pass today: free comments on people’s physique or their sexual orientation. Also, any sharp criticism from an advertiser, such as WcDonald’s not edible, Mottonnelle toilet paper which torches well or Kraft cheese which poisons mice, it would never succeed, but never on the air. We no longer spit into the drink can that fills the coffers of the station.

Still, in the stripper pastiche category, no one has beaten RBO to date. With happiness, I saw Snappe pis Bourdonne (Linda Hébert, tongue of viper!), Full time , Zizanie (the Dynasty of the poor), the mini-putt with Ben Bigras and Danny Legros, the records of Gammick International, Nicole Simard in Ciné-Quiz (and his 12 pairs of glasses), the Action Contraction game , Speaking for Nothing with Janette and Violette as well as the film Kenny (Lord!).

With a smeared smile on my face, I reconnected with Chef Groleau and his crastillon, private detective Jack Travis, hockey player Stéphane Richer who is having acne pimples, the ads of Jesus Christ, the John Labette Classic advertisement with Andrée Lachapelle, that of the Swiss Knight fondue with the Slomeau family and the sketches of Dans le bon vieux temps ça passe d’ev even , which make Séraphin pass for a great patron.

Yes, it’s silly, vulgar, scatological, biting, not nice, but damn it feels good to laugh and get away from the pandemic. Say I have 17 40 minute episodes left to watch over the holiday season. Thank you, life, gratitude, gratitude, blogger life, namasté.

Time for reckoning
But why did the Double Occupation contestants wait until The Moment of Truth to talk to each other in the fisherman’s hat, eh? The last few weeks in the Cut Mountain homes have been boring and the couple who dared to stray from the party line – we’re a beautiful family, we love each other so much, bro! – was almost drowned in the spa.

Sunday evening, under the auspices of Jay Du Temple, Julie-Anne finally confronted Kevin who took her out of the game, Naadei and Marjorie crossed swords without listening to each other, Jordan almost treated Jamie of rags and Noémie emptied her heart about Charles, who took a hold of her at the start of the adventure.

And contrary to what he announced at the elimination table, Jay Du Temple has been gentle and kind to Eloise, who received death threats and incitement to suicide following his release from OD . Wise decision. It was not the time to add a layer of blame on Eloise, who is going through a more difficult period than “incredible”, let’s say.

Just like Charles. The worst time of his life, he said staring into the water. Social media has been ruthless to the former darling couple who fell from grace due to a Roku and a leader’s hat.

Double Occupation’s Hour of Truth drew 709,000 fans, placing it in third place on the Sunday charts, behind Everyone’s Talking ( 1,129,000 ) and Vlog (735,000). The TVA 6 p.m. (628,000), Découverte (595,000) and Le Téléjournal at 10 p.m. on Radio-Canada (564,000) did better than En studio (550,000) and Bijoux de famille (513,000).

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