“We are leaving, but don’t tell the LNR”: Mobilized from the “LPR” complained that the Russians abandoned them in Liman | VIDEO

Residents of the Luhansk region, whom the Russian command forcibly mobilized and sent to Liman, complain about the bad attitude towards themselves from the Russian invaders. The corresponding videos were published by the journalist Denis Kazansky.

The residents of the so-called “LPR”, who retreated from the Liman region, say that they held out to the last and were left by the Rashists with practically no equipment and weapons.

In addition, the Russian occupiers were ordered not to warn the militants from the “LPR” about their withdrawal from Liman, so that they would remain in position to the last and die.

Now the militants are in the city of Shchastia, where they have been living simply for several days open air. The command accuses them of desertion and threatens them with reprisals.

“See for yourself, these are not inventions of Ukrainian propaganda, this is all told by residents of Donbass. Another confirmation that Russia is deliberately sending these people to be slaughtered, regardless of losses”, — Kazansky added.


  • Mobilized from « LPR” refused to fight and staged a riot due to the theft of command.

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