We are preparing: Zelensky believes that the Russian Federation may need a new wave of mobilization

We're getting ready: Zelensky thinks Russia may need a new wave of mobilization

President Vladimir Zelensky believes that the mobilized occupiers are so poorly trained and equipped that Russia may soon need a new wave of mobilization. He stated this in his evening video message on October 28.

Zelensky noted that the Russian Federation announced the allegedly completed mobilization and «uselessness» new waves of sending Russian citizens to the front.

«We feel something completely different on the front line. Although Russia is trying to increase pressure on our positions using the mobilized, they are so poorly trained and equipped, so rudely used by the command that this suggests that Russia may soon need a new wave of sending people to war», &#8212 ; the Ukrainian leader explained.

He emphasized that the Ukrainians are preparing for the fact that the current Russian leadership will look for any new opportunities to continue the war. The President added that Russia is also being helped by accomplices in Iran.

«That is why we work with partners every day to strengthen our air defense and our other defensive capabilities. Every day we strengthen the protection of our critical infrastructure, primarily energy & # 187;, & # 8212; he summed up.

  • On October 28, Shoigu reported to Putin on the completion of the mobilization. 82 thousand soldiers were sent to Ukraine.

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