We can do things that no one else will: Military told how sappers pave the way for the Armed Forces of Ukraine | VIDEO

We can do things that no one else can: A military man tells how sappers pave the way for the Armed Forces of Ukraine | VIDEO

Ukrainian sappers pave the way for their comrades where others cannot. Serviceman Igor spoke about this.

He admitted that he was not friends with electronics at all, but he had to constantly study.

«Even at the academy, when you study, you think & #8212; yes, it will pass, why is it needed. And then you just study everything from scratch», — noted Igor.

He said that first, the sappers carry out engineering reconnaissance, demining and mine areas. According to the military, the most important — clearance so that our infantry and vehicles can move forward freely.

«The main task — provide access for people. We can do what, for example, some artilleryman, infantryman or scout will not do. We can get in there and make things like… badabum, as we say», — emphasized by Igor.

He told how the sappers were faced with the task of getting into the enemy's trench and mine it. The military specified that the trench was about 200 meters deep. It had to be blown up so that the occupiers could not hide and became a target for Ukrainian shooters. Igor added that the sappers did a great job and the operation was successful.

«It's very unpleasant when you climb «zero» and just climb over the bodies. They lie in the trenches. Not ours, ours are always taken away, but theirs. Well, to what extent they, excuse me, piss on their people? They just lie, you have to blow them up near them. Maybe it's good, they buried them, fell asleep», — said the military.

He admitted that the most important thing for the military — go home to your family and spend as much time with them as possible.

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